Natural & Organic Skincare Products

A personal awareness

First, Alaena is a family story.
Thanks to the expertise of our mother and two years of research and development, we have selected the best organic ingredients to bring you the most effective products available in the natural skincare market.
Our dermatologist mother wants to consider each person on its globality. The skin quality is the reflect of our lifestyle : organic food, regular activity and the use of organic and natural cosmetic products.
She was one of the first dermatologist to recommend organic cosmetics to her patients.
She transmitted us, her three daughters, her values. We are aware of the need to create a natural and organic cosmetology but we wished to avoid some negative prejudices such as unpleasant smells or uncomfortable texture.
We wanted to create a new cosmetic, without comprise between safety and efficiency. Our formulas were developed with vegetable oils and high quality floral waters without synthetic ingredients. Each ingredient has been selected specifically based on their scientifically-recognised vertues and their affinity with the skin. Each product is enriched with its biodiversity.

An organic cosmetic range

ECOCERT Cosmos Organic has certified Alaena products. This label is an organic certification organization, founded in France. It imposes that a minimum of 95% of the total ingredient in the formula comes from natural origin and a minimum of 20% of all ingredients and weight must come from organic farming. Alaena wants to maximise its organic ingredients concentration in its formulas, more than the regular 20%.

A responsible brand

We take responsibility for transparent cosmetics, formulas, ingredients and production methods. Every packaging is recyclable and glass has been preferred to plastic. Manufacturing is entirely carried out in France with an ecological approach based on constant respect for man and nature. Our raw-material suppliers have been meticulously chosen for the quality of their work and their environmental sensibility. Most ingredients such as donkey milk, gold-of-pleasure, kiwi and sunflower oils come (are originating) from organic farms situated in the South-West of France, as for the most exotic ones, our Kukui nut oil is from Hawai and the Sacha Inchi oil from Latin America and they are produced in ecologically responsible farms.