Our Laboratory

Two hard and beautiful years of work and the help of our experts were necessary to create our cosmetic brand.

Our formulation charter supports a different approach of cosmetology :

Our formulas are developed with vegetable oils and high quality floral waters without synthetic ingredients.
Each ingredient has been selected specifically based on their scientifically-recognised vertues and their affinity with the skin.
Our extractive method preserves the natural quality ingredients.
We reject every synthetic ingredients such as mineral oil, silicon, endocrine disruptor, chemical preservatives, PEGs, PPGs, formaldehyde et liberators, phenoxyethanol, toluene.
The powerfulness of our formulas has been shown in lab. Each product has followed a clinical testing in vivo and a consumer testing.
No testing has been made on animals.
Our production is realised in France, in an ecological process.
Every packaging is recyclable and glass has been preferred to plastic.
All our products are certified organic by the European Organism Ecocert Cosmos.