Personalized skin diagnosis

Get to know yourself: what is your skin type?
We help you to answer to this question and to understand your needs. To determine which beauty routine is best for you, you can begin by taking our personalized skin diagnostic. At the end, our experts give you a personalized beauty routine.
Face or body, three steps are essential: cleansing, moisturization and protection.
Designed by skin experts, our formulas are developed with vegetable oil and high quality floral water without synthetic ingredients. Each ingredient has a specific purpose and a perfect affinity with the skin.
You will recognize some natural active substances like extract of propolis, bisabolol, hyaluronic acid, moringa, but also the richness of high quality oil like kukui oil, camellia oil or raspberry bush oil.
In adopting a cleaner routine, you respect your skin and the environment.
We invite you to discover your personalized beauty routine.