Moisturizing oil

Organic moisturizing oil for the body

Is your skin dry, sensitive or dehydrated ? 

Adopt a cleansing routine and take care of your skin, naturally.

Vegetable oil is an alternative to moisturizer, enjoyed for its fluid and light texture. The application of this oil on face and neck will protect your skin and restores its natural barrier function. The moisturization oil is suitable for all skin types and can be use as often as needed on the face, body and hair.

Designed by skin experts, our formulas only contains natural ingredients. Each has been selected specifically based on their scientifically-recognised vertues and their affinity with the skin. 

Our moisturizing oil is made of a mix of high quality oils like camellia oil, jojoba oil, plum oil or raspberry bush oil. Succumb to the temptation of an organic perfume, a light texture and an efficient formula… 

We invite you to discover our nourishing oil Alaena from our online shop.

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