Anti-ageing and fine lines

Anti-aging and fine lines 

For us, the meaning of anti-aging is not to eliminate all signs of maturity but to offer natural skincare products to support the development of your skin.

With hormonal changes occurring, fine lines and skin-aging signs will appear : dryness, loss of radiance, declining skin elasticity and vascularisation. A natural care routine is essential to help strengthen, revitalize and stimulate the natural radiance of mature skins.

Our formulas are developed with innovative active ingredients derived from biotechnology, organic vegetable oils and high quality floral waters without synthetic ingredients. Each ingredient has a specific purpose and a perfect affinity with the skin. 

You will recognize some natural active substances mature skins like hyaluronic acid, collagen from algae extract, vitamin A, but also the richness of high quality oils like sisymbre oil, perilla oil or plum oil.

We invite you to discover our anti aging products Alaena from our online shop.

Organic & natural anti-ageing products for fine lines | Alaena


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