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Summer and winter alike, Whether it rains or the sun shines, you should protect your face daily with a sun scream. It contributes to minimize visible signs of aging. 

To avoid sunburn, limit the production of free radicals and prevent the infrared, our sun cream is essential. 

Our formulas are developed with innovative active ingredients derived from biotechnology, organic vegetable oils and high quality floral waters without synthetic ingredients. Each ingredient has been selected specifically based on their scientifically-recognised vertues and their affinity with the skin.

Our sunscreen filters, zinc and titanium oxides are natural. You will recognize some natural active substances for mature skins like beeswax, algae extract, bisabolol but also the richness of high quality oils like vanilla oil, Karanja oil or tamanu oil.

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Organic products to protect your face | Alaena


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Tinted sun cream, a light scent of vanilla, and a clean sun protection. Among its active ingredients: - zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide: mineral...