Organic peeling for the face

Give yourself a cocooning time and take care of your skin, naturally.

Morning and evening, before, during or after your shower, a facial scrub is essential to remove the impurities. Usually after applying your daily cream, you forget this step. Yet, it is highly beneficial to modify the skin layer, the epidermis. It eliminates dead skin cells on the horny layer of the epidermis.

The complexion is immediately freshened and invigorated and your skin is ready for the application of your moisturiser. An exfoliating scrub acts through a physical scrub whereas a peeling acts through a fruit acid complex.

Designed by skin experts, our formulas are developed with vegetable oils and high quality floral waters without synthetic ingredients. Each ingredient has a specific purpose and a perfect affinity with the skin.

You will recognize some natural active substances like fruit acid complex of sugar cane extract, blueberry and citrus fruit, but also the richness of high quality oils.

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Organic and natural facial peeling for sale | Alaena