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With its light version of perfume, this fresh and energising scented water is perfect to feel good and look great. Formulated with rose water, our perfume is well known and appreciated for its feminine scent, its sweet smell and tonic effect. 

Succumb to the temptation of its refined smell, and its natural and blossom notes. Lie down, breathe in slowly, and imagine yourself in a garden under a light rain, delicately enchanted by the sea spray. 

The delicate mission of our nose is to subtly choose plants and leaves extracts, and to preserve their natural essences in order to sublime them in a perfume. 

Designed with 100% natural ingredients, colourless, without phthalate nor any petrochemical products or aggressive products for the skin, you can wear that perfume by Alaena on your face and body.

We invite you to discover our scented water Alaena from our online shop.

Organic products to perfume your body | Alaena


Price €49.00

This floral water abounds with fresh Damascus roses to gently invigorate and refresh the skin of your face and body.  At any time of the day, this...


Price €9.00

For all skin types, the mild soap cleanses the skin. Its traditional formulation, rich in organic vegetable oils,  rebalances the flora of your...